The best designed, most comprehensive program can be ruined by a failure to fulfill the earned awards as promised. Customers, employees and sales personnel that perform to the required levels and then are let down by awards that are delivered late or not at all are less likely to perform for you again.

RGI specializes in on-time fulfillment and distribution so you do not have to spend the time making excuses and working to make promises good. RGI is a complete fulfillment and distribution specialist utilizing on-site warehouse and direct, drop ship strategies to get your merchandise there on time and on budget.

Our professionals are experts at planning and fulfilling programs with one product or thousands. Our distribution service can plan, manage and distribute bulk items from the orient or from anywhere in the world.

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• Shipping of any kind
• Database management
• Real Time Online Tracking
• Personalized customer service
• Return management
• Customized reporting