Merchandise & Rebate Programs

What's the secret to the incentive gift that keeps on giving?

MerchandiseIt's called “trophy value” and if your incentive gift doesn't have it, then you're just wasting your time... and money.

Every day companies give away millions of dollars in free gifts. From key chains and coffee mugs to ball caps and golf umbrellas, countless items are up for grabs…and grab them people do. Let's face it; it is very easy to give something for free, even if it has your company name and logo printed on it. "If it's free... I want it" is the prevailing attitude in today's marketplace.

If you have decided that its time for your company to offer an incentive gift, then it is very important that you ask yourself one question: "What is this free gift giving back to me?"

The answer to the question is summed up in two words: Trophy Value. This is simply the value that your recipient places on the gift you are offering, and it represents how often they think of you when they use the gift or how your image is represented. The more valuable the gift is ‘perceived' to be, the greater the trophy value and the more benefit you receive from the act of giving.

RGI Marketing has the in-house creative and merchandising staff that will research your recipient demographics and recommend the newest, most intriguing gifts available in any price range... gifts that will motivate and are virtually guaranteed to increase the trophy value of your program. From electronics and sporting goods, to apparel and SUVs, RGI can provide anything you need for your program.

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Rebate Programs

Rebates can drastically increase performance and the movement of specific products and brands.

RGI can design a rebate program that not only motivates the customer to purchase but provides for the smooth, worry-free fulfillment of the program.

RGI carefully handles each rebate entry, checking for completeness and adherence to rebate rules. We offer flexible data management options to provide a smooth exchange of data between RGI and your company or client based on individual program requirements to ensure that fulfillment requirements are met promptly and accurately.

RGI can support your rebate program at any level with:

• Form design
• Receipts/data entry
• Data validation
• Check printing
• Self-sealing check printing/mailing
• Tracking and reporting
• Web access

Make sure your next rebate program is a success, call (407) 339-7111 ext. 2 today to find out how RGI can take your program to a new level of success and you to a new peace-of-mind.