Online Games

Are your incentive efforts lacking pizzazz?
Do your promotions need more interest or buzz?

Shake it...Win it!If you've answered yes to either question, then maybe it's time you let RGI create and develop an online game tailored specifically for your target audience. We've designed dozens of games for our clients, from a simple "pick it" concept (a la door #1, door #2, etc.) to more complex, interactive ones such as five card draw poker.

Our online games are used to award instant prizes or points to be redeemed for prizes. Participants can play and accumulate prizes or points, which reinforces activity where it benefits you most. Do you need your customers visiting your website often and regularly? Or to send business your way during a certain contest period? RGI structures the game to do just that!

They're fun, they're popular and they'll get you top-of-mind notice. Better yet, an RGI online game will help your business grow by incenting your customers to behave a certain way.

Call us today at (407) 339-7111 ext. 1144 to get details on how RGI can build your next great incentive promotion!